For Nightdivision, we made this lightbox. It contains their logo, a frame that surrounds the logo in shape, and led lighting that you can adjust.   Here’s the box standing proudly in front either Luna Semara or Stephan Bodzin at the Marktkantine. As allways the box is coated with several coatings of our special black…

Peak Mystique 8-2-2018

Peak Mystique, this time mainly lighting installation and live art performance, but  at a most amazing location, the Madam tower.  

Cantina Disco Letters

One of our favorite signing projects ever! We made these giant real mirror glass disco letters for cantina, they are set upon pedestals and turn around their own axle. The amount of classic disco vibe in this project is mindblowing, its so immersive and bright, any DJ would be proud to be branded by this…

King of the Gypsy

NYE 2017, we created this amazingly cozy setting, for Lloyd-Acardi’s “King of the Gypsy” party.

Damsko Halloween Thriller

Last Halloween, we didnt only decorate the Marktkantine, but also the Damsko Halloween Thriller at Het Sierraad. And the two side stages, hidden all around this huge venue!

Cantina Aeroplane

We made this special dynamic line artwork for Aeroplane’s performance at Cantina.

Merktroubadour Adnight

A few weeks ago we hosted and brought life and action to the Amsterdam Adnight at Merktroubadour. We also hosted a toilet rave in the back, in conjunction with the lovely Sinclair Sisters with a trippy rabbit as bouncer.