Georgies Wunder garten 2014

2 years ago we first met Georgie..

it was a late summer evening, nice and warm, and we had been building all week for the summer solstice. We had seen him from afar, watching us all week.

On the last evening of work, just when we opened ourselves an icecold beer, georgie decided to join us. He told us he needed some hands like ours, to make his party a succes!

He wanted his name spelt out as big as people, and he wanted a cute little minidisco!


Good times, big project, our camp still set up at ruigoord, so we stayed and started a week of building..


Here we are, getting ready to start adding some finishing touches to the projects.

And here are some impressions of the festival itself!

10514471_259517727586282_8012537319146018260_n 10421545_259517694252952_82904998325765534_n 10435745_259517750919613_7587497343064877587_n

The other job was the letters,



Some impressions of the day, including our triangle pyramids we made a week earlier for the solstice. Also the minidisco got really steamy at night, and the two layered ring combined with the small diameter made for a very exciting dancing experience.

Of course there’s an aftermovie, it was such a great party! It even has some shots of our crew building on site!



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