Maurits de Kleermaeker


Maurits De Kleermaeker. The founding father of the ReddyMaekers. A young optimist, living and breathing creation and design, interior and decoration.

The HMC Amsterdam was the provocateur of Maurits’ creative career. With an impressive portfolio, Maurits has commissioned work for the likes of Dekmantel, CTH studio, and Heleen Blanken. The embodiment of multifacity, Maurits’ abilities range from fashioning 400 flower crowns for Absolut, to the co-design and installation of what is known as ‘The Church’ at Lente Kabinet. Aside from a passion for major production of stages amongst the likes of Georgies and Wicked Jazz Sounds, Maurits has a deep rooted enthusiasm for interior design, along with an ever growing appreciation and incorporation of the topic of sustainability. An example of this would be his most recent venture; the multifunctional pallet system, dubbed, ‘The Pally’.

Consulting leadership is all about meeting the deadlines and providing high-quality work. Equally important is to see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible. That’s what we do.



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