Studio Nepco is a factory of “Doubt”, and also a theatre group with a wide network of brilliant actors. The factory makes and designes costumes and theatre settings, with a brilliant base of pattern design and styling language. Their unending love shows in their projects, but also in their live theatre acts. The intruige and…


Our sistercompany from Leiden. Excellent stagedesign and artwork!

Jelte Reinders

Jelte Reinders is an image-maker born in Amsterdam, currently based in Rotterdam.

Ewa Kielska

Ewa Kielska, born in Poland and Nijmegen-based. Student of neuroscience, and a fine lover of the quirkiness of thought. Symbolism and colour are a very important element in her style, along with excellent form design and a touch  of absurdism. A taste of Ewa:  Instagram: WillyWeasel Facebook: Ja i potwór morski. Behance: Ewa Kielska

Marcia Finklenberg

Marcia Finklenberg, born in the Hague and Amsterdam-based branding engineer and visual artist. Having recently completed a bachelor in Branding at the AMFI, she’s a gem at the start of a long succesfull career. Her exquisite feel for form and typeface language is what sets her out from the rest. Also her energy in colour, composition and tactile impressions…