N8 voor de N8

We welcomed the delegates who came to vote for the elections of the Night Mayor of Amsterdam with our light installation below: Check out the video below for the lovely happy party vibe:  

VBX Bret

For the VBX party last kingsday, we made these banners to lighten up the place!

The Kitchen

Three years ago, to the day, we organized and decorated this event!

STR△F_WERK festival

They asked us, can we make the letters straf werk, lifesize, with a shiny surface? Our answer was clear; we are ready to make this! Sorry, no more pics I’m afraid…

Georgies Wundergarten 2014

Our main job was to make a minidisco, and have “Georgies” written out in large hollywood letters! also the wooden posts and finishing around the stage we worked on. Here we got the mini disco rocking hard: