Cantina Disco Letters

One of our favorite signing projects ever! We made these giant real mirror glass disco letters for cantina, they are set upon pedestals and turn around their own axle. The amount of classic disco vibe in this project is mindblowing, its so immersive and bright, any DJ would be proud to be branded by this…

54 Stories: signing

We were asked to make a  for a new club in Amsterdam called “54-Stories”.  

Social Swingers Club: Illuminated signing

We're ready, are you? 😏 A post shared by SocialSwingersClub (@socialswingersclub) on Oct 29, 2016 at 12:44pm PDT About last weekend🎉 bedankt voor alle swingers @barbrokeramsterdam . Next up: @supersocialamsterdam 5 Januari🌴 A post shared by SocialSwingersClub (@socialswingersclub) on Dec 20, 2016 at 1:19pm PST

STR△F_WERK: Letters

They asked us, can we make the letters straf werk, lifesize, with a shiny surface? Our answer was clear; we are ready to make this! Sorry, no more pics I’m afraid…

Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival

For the Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival we where asked to paint a giant 80m2 of panels bright yellow for the main stage, and also they wanted us to make giant letters from compressed polystyrene. So Ryan Reddy got to work at building a cutting machine. After putting together some beautiful electronics thanks to Kees from Muco Amsterdam,…