For inside and outside, these lamps you can hang up, build light poles out of, or just simply place on as they are!


These cosy lights make any party a hub of excitement. They come in different colours, and when attached to a lighting table, can be used to make a fantastic light show!

STR△F_WERK: Letters

They asked us, can we make the letters straf werk, lifesize, with a shiny surface? Our answer was clear; we are ready to make this! Sorry, no more pics I’m afraid…

Lentekabinet 2016

For Lentekabinet we worked in collaboration with Bouwmeesters, and built a church and a kitchen, in which different acts where given. The kitchen went from being a kitchen to a homely hat making workshop, hosted by the wonderfully delightful Victor Engbers. And the church was host of a special cult, those of the school of “I believe…

Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival

For the Wicked Jazz Sounds Festival we where asked to paint a giant 80m2 of panels bright yellow for the main stage, and also they wanted us to make giant letters from compressed polystyrene. So Ryan Reddy got to work at building a cutting machine. After putting together some beautiful electronics thanks to Kees from Muco Amsterdam,…


One of our first productions for a festival!

Georgies Wundergarten 2014

Our main job was to make a minidisco, and have “Georgies” written out in large hollywood letters! also the wooden posts and finishing around the stage we worked on. Here we got the mini disco rocking hard: