Jelte Reinders

Jelte Reinders is an image-maker born in Amsterdam, currently based in Rotterdam. 

He is interested in making imaging with very few or no reference to physical reality. 

Through painting and drawing he tends to capture the subconscious movement of his hands. 

A taste of Jelte:

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Instagram: Jelte Reinders Instagram
Blog: Jelte Reinders Blog


Ewa Kielska

Ewa Kielska, born in Poland and Nijmegen-based.

Student of neuroscience, and a fine lover of the quirkiness of thought.

Symbolism and colour are a very important element in her style, along with excellent form design and a touch  of absurdism.

A taste of Ewa:

Behance: Ewa Kielska

Meghan van Lil

Young, up and coming style artist from Amsterdam! She has a love for graphic design and is studying photography at the Arts Academy of Utrecht.

Working from a broad pallet of pastels, she captures emotions in the most unemotive of moments and objects. Her passion for the world lies in her perspective and choice of subject.

A self portrait:15803271_279278762475172_2947220444144467968_n.jpg




2 years ago we first met Georgie..

It was a late summer evening, nice and warm, and we had been building up all week for the summer solstice. We had seen him from afar, watching us all week.

On the last evening, just before we had opened ourselves a nice cold beer, Georgie decided to join us. He told us he needed some hands like ours, to make his party a succes!

He wanted his name spelled out so everyone could see it and he wanted a cute little minidisco!


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